Scope of Instrumentation Engineering in India

Instrumentation Engineers may be the reason of your” UNEMPLOYMENT”
The reason to write this topic was an incident that happened yesterday….
A guy came to us and he asked “what is this instrumentation engineering engineering all about”…..
one of ma friend give him such weird examples of what he could do after becoming an instrumentation engineer.
After listening to the examples given i would have never opted for instrumentation engineering……
lemme clear all our myths regarding instrumentation engineering…….
After our cet….ppl with good marks in CET have many options like

(NOTE: The sequence mentioned above is the preference by ppl with good marks in descending order…i mean ppl wit highest go for EXTC or Comps and ppl with less marks normally opt for one of the three mentioned at the bottom)

Now i would like to clear some things which i feel is necessary to be cleared before making my point.

The only two universities in maharashtra that are worth investing are
Mumbai university
Pune university

To add to this i wud like to say….doing Instrumentaion engineering from Mumbai University or Pune University is much better than doin EXTC from ….other Universities ….i wudn’t take name of any university.

Its a fact tat one really needs a Seminar to understand “Scope Of Instrumentation”……coz the scopes are so wide ranging from a small factory … malls to as big as nuclear reactors……everyone needs an instrumentation engineer.

People taking Instrumentation Engineering at Advantage.

Question is how ….?

The answer goes like this ….the number of students opting for instrumentation engineering counting from both Mumbai and Pune uiniversity doesnt exceeds more than 2750 students

While the number of students opting for EXTC in Mumbai and pune university exceeds more than 29000 students.

I am not against competition…competition is the sole to decide success….i love competitors……but from the strategic point of view…..We have less competition….and number of student to job ratio is compartively high.I am not biased and i mean it…….

Chalo !!!….some other advantage of us over others……

I wud just like to clear this thing wen u deserve a post u get it being in any field doesnt makes much difference………

Now INFT( tats IT )….job of these ppl are done by ppl of BSc -IT and at much cheaper rates doesnt leaves much option …….This is the most booming field …..and will see more boost in the coming years……Private Institutes like NIIt much industry oriented professional……

In short i wanna say……..people of other branches like ( EXTC,Mechanical ,instrumentation,Biomedical,Electronics,Electrical) do not fear such private infestation…….

Wat an instrumentation engineer does……heres an example that will clear evrything u can do……

A master(engineer) wants his process variable(level in tanks, flow rate in pipes valves,mixing rate,temperature, pressure,moisture, concentration and many more…..) to work within certain specifies limits and get a desired output. Now in order to control a variable u need to measure that variable….and regulate to avoid hazardous conditions.To measure and control a particular variable is the job of the instrumentation engineer.


In a nuclear reactor gettin exposed to radiations is undesired so we need some device that measures these radiations it may include photoplates…..similar to the one that led to the discovery of uranium. After observing these plates an alarm can be actuated automatically and forcing a system shut down protecting the workers and in some cases the Reactor.

With the development of new softwares like labVIEW( virtual instrumentation engineers workspace),SCADA,PLC,AUTOMATIX….etc the interfacing with the DCS(digital control system) and DAQ(data acquisition systems)….and with development of DSP(digital signal processors) the work has become more easier and more trustworthy.

I myself as an instrumentation engineer is proud and happy to part ma knowledge with u all…….

No one has suceeded without criticism…… i would be highly obliged to read anything against ma views….

Ther may be some points tat i would add to this …..very soon njoy the monsoon…..
God bless us all :-) …….!!!!!

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