Cascaded PID controller

Cascaded PID Controller :

Cascade controls, in contrast, make use of multiple control loops that involve multiple signals for one manipulated variable. Utilizing cascade controls can allow a system to be more responsive to disturbances. 

Before venturing further into the topic of cascade controls, the terms 'manipulated variables', 'measured variables' and 'control variables' should be clarified. The definitions of these terms commonly found in literature are often interchangeable; but, they typically refer to either the input or output signal. For the purpose of this article, 'control variables' will refer to inputs like flow rates, pressure readings, and temperature readings. 'Manipulated variables' and 'measured variables' will refer to the output signals which are sent to the actuator.

The simplest cascade control scheme involves two control loops that use two measurement signals to control one primary variable. In such a control system, the output of the primary controller determines the set point for the secondary controller. The output of the secondary controller is used to adjust the control variable. Generally, the secondary controller changes quickly while the primary controller changes slowly. Once cascade control is implemented, disturbances from rapid changes of the secondary controller will not affect the primary controller.

One distinctive advantage of PID controllers is that two PID controllers can be used together to yield better dynamic performance. This is called cascaded PID control. In cascade control there are two PIDs arranged with one PID controlling the setpoint of another. A PID controller acts as outer loop controller, which controls the primary physical parameter, such as fluid level or velocity. The other controller acts as inner loop controller, which reads the output of outer loop controller as setpoint, usually controlling a more rapid changing parameter, flowrate or acceleration. It can be mathematically proven that the working frequency of the controller is increased and the time constant of the object is reduced by using cascaded PID controller.
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