Best way to make money online with Probux just 5 mins a day will earn 10000/- in a month

How to make money online with ProBux

Making money is easy on internet!!!

How to make money online with ProBux

Easiest way to earn money online with guarantee and trust..... Believe me 


It is free worldwide PTC ( paid to click) website that allows advertisers to publish their advertisements to its members. Its members get commission on viewing every advertisement. Its members can also get direct or rental referrals in this compaign to multiply their earning.

Why I join ProBux?
It is my personally trusted and favourite bux. I have referrals on it and earning from it. I have also invested $25 dollars in it to buy referrals. So don't worry about this bux because a man spending a time and money can't afford scam bux. It is the top trusted PTC site. It is established earlier but has got fame due to its good, reliable and best earning opportunities for its members. So, what are you waiting for? Come to Probux and start a reasonable earning at home spending a few minutes.

How to start earning?

First, register on Probux and view the given ads of fixed time and fixed credit  by the advertisers. The credit will add to your main balance. In 24 hours you will have to view at least 4 to 6 ads. You can also increase your income by direct or rental referrals.


Referral Types

Direct Referrals; are the users registered using your username to become your direct referrer.

Rental Referrals; are the users registered without a referrer. You can rent them for a fixed period.
Direct referrals are free and they are also for unlimited time. Your first attention should be to collect direct referrals. In ProBux you can also rent referrals from your main balance or by investment. In this way your earning increases and you can buy more and more referrals. When you have a good pack of referrals like 1000 referrals, you can cash out your monthly income of hundreds of dollars. You can cash out your earning from Payza, PayPal, Liberty Reserve,

How much me and mine referrals can earn from ProBux?

The earning of registered member depends upon the membership of the member, the type of ads, the number of direct or rental  active referrals and the clicks of the referrals. In beginning, the earning is low because your are alone but after you have $0.60 you can rent 3 active referrals. Now you and your referrals will increase your income to get a pack of 3 more referrals. In this way your earning and referrals per day will increase.
I give a simple calculation of your earning having 150 active referrals  in standard membership with the average 2 clicks per day;

$1.50 per day             $45.00 per month           $540.00 per year

You have just 150 referrals and your income is $45.00 per month without any investment. I know the people who have thousands of referrals, imagine how they earn. You can also speed-up your earning by increasing your membership.

Earning Effect of Membership:

The table given below shows how your earning increase with membership;

The minimum payout that you can draw from ProBux is $5.00.
Be careful, only one user per household is allowed. Two users can't use a single computer to see ads or to sign in.
So be patient, make your routine to view some ads for a few minutes and you will see your income is gradually increasing. Some people, when see low earning, they left. Success always come with patient.
If you don't believe me, don't follow me, check by yourself and see, am I right or wrong. So what are you waiting for, just click and see how it is to earn money online.


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