Big data and Data Analytics for Instrumentation Engineers

Big data and Data Analytics for Instrumentation Engineers

Yes, Big data and Data Analytics will form core of the process Automation in future. This is going to be really really big one needs a great vision to understand how big this could be.

Thousands of sensors employed in a process plant send data to a centralized cloud where all this data is analyzed and a control action that is to change certain operating conditions so as to get optimized output.

Not only this when the sensors are about to breakdown they will inform a week in advance that I would need some repair reducing the downtime.


While fine tuning server finds that under certain operating conditions i.e sensor 1 has reading A sensor 2 has reading B and the o/p (output ) at this time was the maximum and most efficient. The centralized server will save this set of readings and this will act as a reference whenever the o/p falls below this optimum value the sensor will recalibrate the sensors so as o/p is restored to the optimum value. Wow thats beauty !!!

Now where are we Instrumentation Engineers headed to ?

Yes, we need to adapt as per the changing conditions we need to harness the potential of Big data and Data Analytics. Now the question comes how can we do this.

Frankly I am not a master in Big data and Data Analytuis but have started growing my domain knowledge. But yes in time to come we can start learning new skills and become marketable in coming future.
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